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Jurnal Prodi B. Inggris

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PengarangDina Merris, Indah S.
Tanggalapril 2015
Volume3 no 1
No. ISSN2337-9278
JurnalJurnal dosen
AbstrakAbstract This study is conducted in order to develop students’ speaking ability at ninth garde of SMP Nurul Huda Porong through demonstration method in procedural text. It is a Classroom Action Research based on Kurt Lewin’ design. Therefore, it done in two cycle and every cycle consist of four phases (planning, acting, observing and reflecting). The data were gathered through qualitative and quantitative data, there are through interview, observation, pretest, posttest and questionnaire. The finding of this study indicated that the implementation of demonstration method in teaching procedure text was succes to improve the students’ speaking skill. It showed from the students score. Where, before implementing CAR the mean score of pretest was 53.07 and only 6 students from 23 students who passed the KKM. Then, after implementing CAR the mean score of posttest 2 was far better there was 75.21 and who passed the KKM were 17 students. Key Words: demonstration method, procedural text, speaking ability
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