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Jurnal Prodi B. Inggris

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PengarangYudy Prasetyo, Doni Ubai Dillah
Tanggalapril 2015
Volume3 no 1
No. ISSN2337-9278
JurnalJurnal dosen
AbstrakAbstract According the learning process that had been done to the first grader of SDN Banjarsari Buduran Sidoarjo, almost all students can not present a good performance in learning vocabulary. To answer the research question, the writer holds an experimental research to apply “Spelling Cards Strategy” in the teaching vocabulary. The research method that was used in this research was a classroom action research which consisted of cycle 1 and cycle 2. The students average score increased almost significantly, from 25 students average score from the first cycle was 68,8 and the average score of students in the second cycle was 77,4. It showed that the use of “Spelling Cards Strategy” could improve student’s vocabulary. The mastery learning of students in the first cycle was 60% increase in the second cycle was 88%. Key Words : Vocabulary, Spelling Strategy, Card.
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